Unite Against Scientists

“Unite behind the science”. Oh,  if only  things were so simple. “Science” is an abstraction, it comes into the real world through the scientists who are only human like the rest of us. They are subject to unconscious and not so unconscious biases. They can and do choose to lie. They are subject to subtle political influences and not so subtle political influences. They have their careers to think about after all. This is the world of “science communication”.

A classic example is the recent article by Michael Mann suggesting that “it’s game over for the climate” if Trump wins in the American election. Mann’s logic goes as follows: we have wasted 2 years since the IPCC told the world it had to reduce carbon emissions by 50% by 2030 in order to stop us going over 1.5C (actually it was to have a 50% chance of not going over 1.5C but let’s not dwell on such minor details). And so instead of reducing emissions by 5% a year we now have less time and so now have to do it by 7.5% a year. If we have another four years of Trump and thus no reductions then we will have to make reductions of 15% a year which in Mann’s view is politically impossible. What is highly amusing, in an unamusing sort of a way, is that Mann maintains his naïve belief that the Biden administration is somehow going to do anything substantially different to Trump. The idea that another corporate dominated American government will reduce carbon emissions by 7.5% a year is political illiteracy of the highest order. Being a scientist has its limits it seems.

What Michael Mann has to say has nothing to do with the “science” and everything to do with the pathological delusions of a liberal professionalised siloed elite which has overseen a 60% increase in carbon emissions over the past 30 years. It has fucked things up so badly the next generation has now to look forward to mass rape mass slaughter and a slow death through starvation (yep that’s what the men in suits call “social collapse” guys). And this elite has the total cheek to suggest we just need more of the same. What the fuck does Mr Mann take us for – complete idiots?

As a social scientist (just saying), I would predict that we are more likely to get to zero emissions faster via the Trump route than the Biden route (just for the record this does not mean I like the present President). Trump is refreshingly clear that he wants us dead and doesn’t give a fuck. After all why should he, he’s half way dead as it is. Like with the BLM protests, this is most likely to trigger the uprising that is needed to force through the most dramatic political and economic turnaround in human history – what has been lamely called the “climate emergency”. With Biden we are going to get the same old corporate bullshit that they are sorting it out for us – just go back to sleep. And then we will get to end of four years of Biden fuckery and surprise surprise emissions will still not have substantially gone down. We realise that we were taken to hell while napping – sleepwalked into the hellfire by this bunch of sweet-talking psychopaths.

No Mr Mann, the only chance we have of saving ourselves is Revolution. Yes, they do happen even if you can’t get your elitist head around it – which is presumably why you never talk about it. Thousands go out onto the street, they get shot, beaten up, and then thousands more come out because finally we decide we are over this endless shitshow. We finally decide we will not go quietly to our graves just because politicians can’t handle taxing the rich folks who got us into this godforsaken mess in the first place.

Along the way we have to realise that nerdy middle-class cult called “scientists” have been sitting there for thirty years, “banality of evil” style, detailing the holocaust to come. And never, not once did one of them shout or scream. Did they resign their jobs and go to prison? Did they go on hunger strike and speak of a democratic duty honour and tradition? Fate dealt them a big hand. What did they do? They dropped the ball and ran off the pitch. They are cowards and fakes. They tell us billions will die and then make recommendations to policy makers. The policy makers should be in prison for fucks sake.

Science will not save us – even less scientists. The only thing that will save is to take this life we have been given by the neck and throw ourselves into the greatest battle against the purest evil in  our entire human story. Scream till our voices are raw, shout till our eyes spit tears of rage. And as we get dragged to prison we sing:

You think we’re just gonna crumble?
And just lie lay down and die?

Oh no, we will survive
As long as we know how to love, we will stay alive
We’ve got all our lives to live

We’re got all our love to give

Oh yes we will survive.

Yeah yeah yeah Michael. Come and sing along now. And when you have a Saturday off come and join us. You might discover new truly new data.

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