The Supreme Court judges are murderers and rapists

Today the Paris agreement hit the corporate state and the corporate state won. Heathrow expansion is mass murder. The Supreme Court judges are mass murderers. They are traitors. God help them when justice is done. And it will be done. This is England after all.

What 2C means is mass rape. I recently spoke to a community activist in South Africa. When houses get swept away by massive flooding women have nowhere to sleep and they get raped. When there is no water due to “once in a 1000 year” drought they have to walk miles to get water and they get raped on the journey. Social stress and social breakdown means murder and rape. 2C according to the latest science will force 1000 million people to flee their homes. 2C is likely to lock in 3C: that is 2000 million people clinging onto life in the hell zones of the world’s tropics and deserts. Any conservative, any realist, any patriot, any liberal judge, anyone with a semblance of humanity will put a line in the sand: “we are not going there”.

Those that pursue the reckless death wish of putting more CO2 into the atmosphere at this point are murderers and rapists. The British Supreme Court judges today sided with death and rape. Under the thumb of their corporate masters they opted to lie to the British people, claiming they took into account the legal obligation to abide by the Paris Agreement to stay at or close to 1.5C in making their judgement. They did not. They made a big fat lie. The emperor says he has clothes when he is standing their naked next to you. Zero emissions by 2050 means we can still have Heathrow churning out 40 million tonnes of poisonous gas. No we can’t.

The Establishment has been treating the British people with total contempt for a 1000 years. “We can lie to you ,can get away with it because you are so stupid and weak you won’t do anything about it”. That’s what they are saying to us today. Except this time around they are lying about their plan to destroy the entire country. That is treason – pure and simple. 2C is the end of everything those who came before us gave with their sweat and blood  – our security, our decency, our liberty. In the next ten years the supreme court judges plan to throw all that away: to shit on our ancestors and shit on our children. There is no greater crime. And there will be consequences.

Everyone now knows the score even more so than they did before. The people who rule us will go to any length to serve the corporate plan to unleash death on everything we love and cherish. 2C is hell. 3C is endless hell. This is what is planned for us make no mistake about it.

We are now obligated to bring down the political class and replace it with the rule of the people through assemblies of ordinary people. This is our country, this is our future. Over our dead bodies will we have it taken from us. Burning Pink is burning with rage today. And every day until justice is done.

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