The Plan with Biden is They still plan to have us die

Infantile hope is not a characteristic of mature adults. Maturity requires an ability to look reality squarely in the face and take action proportionate to the situation. Ecological breakdown is set to destroy civilisation in the next generation or two. It is important to understand there is some uncertainty here, meaning it could take less time, in the next decade, for instance, if methane release from the Arctic goes super exponential. Or if we get hit by another more deadly form of Covid. There are several inevitable pathways to functional human extinction if we continue on the course of unlimited economic growth powered by fossil fuels and industrial agriculture. The main pathway is the melting of the Arctic ice which, short of unproven geo-engineering intervention, will be gone in the summer by 2035 leading to an increase in global temperatures of around .4C. This needs to be added to the locked in 1.5C increase due to inaction by the global political elite over the past decade. In short we will passing 2C sometime in the 2030s, even if we stopped carbon emissions completely stopped in the next ten years. This is the most likely scenario – note not the most certain. We are doing risk analysis here not fetishizing certainty. It is time is for practical political analysis to take over from scientists’ academic hair splitting.

Michael Mann assured us that under a Trump administration “it will be game over for the climate” – which is science speak for global social and economic breakdown, with billions dying from starvation and slaughter in war. Along the way the American South West will turn to desert, Florida will be underwater and endless fires will lead to an evacuation of California. Incomes,jobs and pensions will be lost by the tens of millions, and despair, mental breakdown, and suicide will skyrocket. It will be biblical and without end.

But the main point here is that Mann’s infantile hope prevents him from telling usthat it will be “game over” under Biden as well. Mann is so deluded he cannot accept that the corporate dominated American political regime is incapable of the 7.5% year on year reductions in carbon emissions required to prevent us going over the 1.5C , regardless of whether Trump or Biden are in office. Look at the record: it has overseen a 60% increase over the past 30 years. Mann’s liberal elite ideology of endless progressblinds him from looking at the social evidence. And even if there was such a drastic drawdown we are still heading for social collapse. What is needed is a war time emergency transformation in a matter of months if we want to do a professional analysis of the catastrophic risks we now face.

If there is any hope then itcan only come from mass disruption, not from the psychotic political class. But the gatekeepers – whether conservative, liberal or radical not want this to happen. Reformist politics will not abdicate its power without a fight. Only a national convention of ordinary Americans – a citizens’ assembly – will be able to grasp the national duty to uphold the common good. But no government will give up itssovereignty without a massive street movement. The only prospect then seems to be an elite led sleepwalking into terminal collapse.

However, there is a catch here. The destruction of infantile hope produces the rise of rugged realism. The big division now is between ecological realists and nihilist post modernists. The Left -Right split is a twentieth century distraction. Realism on the Left requires it to focus on the climate emergency not on all the ideological narcissistic luxuries which it would like to attach to it. Patriotism and religion need to re-     enter the frame. Realism on the Right requires it to stop being du     ped into thinking climate is a progressive “issue”; to get real and see climate breakdown for what it is: the greatest threat to family values and law and order.

Only by realists coming together across thedivides and overcoming the pathetic distractions of the culture war can we create a new political force fit for purpose. This force has tomake itself felt on the street through sacrificial and fearless direct action providing the impetus for mass civil resistance. It has to make itself felt in the courts through charges of treason to be brought against the present political class and their legal enforcers. And it has to make itself felt though businesses rediscovering their self interest. Without the state to regulate it, capitalism destroys itself. And the longer you now leave it the greater will be the destruction. Conservatives need to remember the state trumps the merchant class when it comes to defence of the nation: re read “the Wealth of Nations”. Socialisation of the economy is necessary not because of ideology but because of the threat of annihilation, as in World War Two, and more recently with the Covid pandemic.

What we face then is the mother of all binds for the American Dream in a time of exponential ecological breakdowns. The longer you stay in denial the more you destroy your hard won livelihood and shit on your values. The deeper you dig the graves for your children. Get real then before you disgust yourselves with your greed and cowardice.

It’s time for those that find the kitchen too hot, to get the hell out, and allow those who can do basic maths to take the reins of power. Before hot turns to Hell.

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