Civil Resistance in 2021 is essential

The bottom line is this: it was 1.3C above pre industrial in 2020 and temperatures rose around .3C between 2010 to 2020, meaning we are heading for 1.5C in the next 5-10 years. Bang! The Paris Agreement is finally shown to be the farce that it always was.

This is not the real number. For land temperatures you have to double or triple the global temperature, and then that is just the average. So at 1.5C we can say it will be 3-4C warmer on an average day and 10C hotter on a “warm day”. And that is where the rubber hits the ground – temperatures like that kill crops, particularly when combined with extreme levels of rainfall and extreme periods of drought. At 2C (i.e 5C) we are looking at halving the production of wheat in places like India and mid-west America. 2C will be with us by 2040, maybe before, along with 1000 million refugees and starvation and migration on a scale unknown before in human history.

This is why there is absolutely no time left for conventional political activity: emailing, marches, lobbying. We simply do not have the time. This is not a political thing: everyone from the Financial Times to the bank of England to David King, the former UK Chief Scientific Advisor, agrees with the urgency. But none of these elite groups understand (or want to understand) that only political disruption creates rapid change: thousands of people painting buildings, glueing onto court rooms, sitting in roads, going on hunger strike – to the point of being arrested and going to prison, and then doing it again, until concrete legislation is enacted by the political class. This is the only game in town when faced with an emergency. This emergency then is a political emergency not a “climate” emergency. It is a crisis of the political system itself and the elites that control it.

This is the no brainer point I spend my days getting across to the ordinary people around the world so they know what has to be done – because the political people, including the NGOS and conventional climate campaigners simply will not get it, because they are in emotional denial about the reality, a by product of their privileged material circumstances.

I will talk more about this and the ways in which emergency mobilisation is happening around the world in my upcoming Patreon talk on Sunday February 21st at 7pm GMT. All Patrons and Supporters are invited to this and we will send out the link over the coming weekend. I am working with others now on bringing “go getters” from around the world together on international zoom gatherings where they can inspire each other and learn the skilled craft of mobilisation. This is the most important work in the world at the moment in history.

Thank you so much for your financial support.

Roger, February 9th 2021

Here is a video of David Spratt (Breakthrough Centre), David King and Sarah Perkins-Kirkpatrick (Climate Scientist); Matters of Facts: The Science of Getting it Right on Climate, which is a recent reference with regard to temperatures and their meaning for Climate Catastrophe.

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