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An Original Vision
Civil Resistance in 2021 is essential


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An Original Vision

Jan 2021


Extinction Rebellion was set with two purposes or visions – to speak the truth and to act as it is real. This sounds straightforward but it is in fact, at the present time, the most difficult thing in the world. That is why we are heading for extinction. Because we put our individual lives before the collective life of our species – before Life itself. And we wallow in self pity rather than stepping up.

The original vision of XR was not of a campaign or plan – but new way of being in action. A taking up of courage – a realising there is something more important than our fears. We all fail at this every day when we pretend we cannot do more. We hide from the world. We hide together and share stories that blind us to our cowardice. We are lost, but worse we resist being found. Because we do not understand that redemption only comes through suffering and the only honourable life is to move into that suffering in an act of faith that there will be another side to come out of, into a state of grace.

XR created a vision and set off to fail at it, and it has failed. And this is the first and necessary step towards success. The question now is whether it is willing to learn – to take the risk of destroying itself in order to reconstitute itself to produce a second iteration – a second chance of success – another second possibility of humiliation.

Only when we understand the notions of faith and grace will we find ourselves in our lostness. Only when we admit the utter destitution of our souls at this time of utter annihilation will we begin a journey we can be proud of, regardless of the outcome.


Civil Resistance in 2021 is essential

Feb 2021


The bottom line is this: it was 1.3C above pre industrial in 2020 and temperatures rose around .3C between 2010 to 2020, meaning we are heading for 1.5C in the next 5-10 years. Bang! The Paris Agreement is finally shown to be the farce that it always was.

This is not the real number. For land temperatures you have to double or triple the global temperature, and then that is just the average. So at 1.5C we can say it will be 3-4C warmer on an average day and 10C hotter on a “warm day”. And that is where the rubber hits the ground – temperatures like that kill crops, particularly when combined with extreme levels of rainfall and extreme periods of drought. At 2C (ie 5C) we are looking at halving the production of wheat in places like India and mid-west America. 2C will be with us by 2040, maybe before, along with 1000 million refugees and starvation and migration on a scale unknown before in human history.

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