Common Sense For The 21st Century

Only Nonviolent Rebellion Can Now Stop Climate Breakdown and Social Collapse

My name is Roger Hallam. I am one of the co-founders of Extinction Rebellion and an organic farmer. I have written a booklet called “Common Sense for the 21 Century: Only Nonviolent Rebellion Can Now Stop Climate Breakdown and Social Collapse.”

The booklet outlines how the environmental and climate movements around the world need to come together in order to avert extinction of all life. It goes into detail on using nonviolent civil disobedience as well as other strategies and tactics to make real change happen.

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Mass civil disobedience is the only way

I call for mass civil disobedience to force governments to tell the truth about climate change and rapidly enact policies that genuinely avert the crisis we face. Additionally, I outline the concept of citizen assemblies and a new transition movement to inspire people to get started on making the necessary changes happen now, before governments act.

In the conclusion I write, “The cost of freedom is civic duty.” I strongly believe tactics and strategies found in my booklet that are currently being ignored by many environmental campaign groups. I invite them all to read my booklet and get in touch.


A modern peaceful revolution

The name of the book is inspired by Thomas Paine’s pamphlet Common Sense, credited as being the spark that ignited the American revolution. When Extinction Rebellion made the ‘Declaration of Rebellion’ in October 2019 and inspired thousands of people broke the law and sit down on the bridges on London in November. Since then Extinction Rebellion has grown exponentially.

I write this on April 15th, 2019. The first day of the April Rebellion where thousands are either breaking the law by sitting down in the roads of London, or are joining the campaign around the world. They have decided that it’s a better option than waiting for major ecological collapse and climate change to make all life extinct.


A call to action!

My booklet, Common Sense for the 21 Century, isn’t just a theory, it’s a call to action and details the practicalities which I hope will lead to real change.

The political class alone is not going to save us from extinction. Only a new common sense and a genuine rebellion can save us now. I hope you join us!

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Common Sense in the 21st Century draft booklet

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